CEPSA's Annual Holiday Banquet

                                                                December 1, 2007


                                     President Diane Davis Welcomes All


                      Betty and Gene Goff                                                 Dale and Harriet Merritt


                   Gloria and Ed Sullivan                                    Tom Schendorf and Dot and Bob Parkhurst


Janet DiClaudio and friends, Steve and Nancy Hess               Dave and BJ Vance and Jim Veccia


   Tony and Lavonne Calandra and Gene Jarvis           Charlotte and Larry Richter and Harvey Varnadoe


                 George and Judy Frick                                         Sissy Morel and Katherine Brown


     Jim Veccia, Fred Davis and Leslie LeSage             Harriet and Dale Merritt and Cheryl Brackin


          George Frick and Beverly Jarvis                     Hattie Evenson and Tom and Eunice Newcomer


 Dan Shehan, Diane, Richard and Linda Graham                  Patrina Johnson and her son


            Angelo Foster and Ruth Parham                                           Diane and Hattie


                                                     All having good conversations