CEPSA's Annual Holiday Banquet

                                                                   December 6, 2008


                                          President Sandra welcoming all


           Tony, Lavonne, Linda and Richard                                       Ann and Eileen


                 Archie, Cheryl and Lorraine                                        Harvey, Patrina and Bobby


                    Ed, Sally, Tom and Eunice                                                     Dan and Gigi


                                 Tom, Bob and Dot                                                               Joey and Velma


                      Ann and Archie                                             Beckie, Beverly and Friend, Beverly


   Our Founders, Cheryl and Lorraine receiving recognition                                 Marty and Family

                     for their part in starting CEPSA


                     Adrienne, Janet and her friends                                                         Diane and Fred


                                    Betty and Gene                                                                          Ruth