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                                                                                      Newsletter January, 2011

                                                                                                                                                    Vol. XIV, No. 1

              Shining light on post-polio health                                                                    



The President’s Message…   



A Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year to all!!! A quick look back to 2010 saw CEPSA move forward in some areas and I felt I didn’t reach the goals I had set for myself in other areas. First, I felt CEPSA had one of its best Board of Directors. Everyone had a job to do and none failed to fulfill their duty. Many went above and beyond what was asked of them. Our first success was the fabulous party we had in April. The committee did wonders with the food and getting everyone a table and seat. The program saw our eldest member Archie tell her story, along with Harvey and our newest member Raye (at the time) tell their stories. Next was the supper at River’s Edge put together by Janet, which raised almost $700. Our summer luncheon program proved successful once again. It just shows how much we mean to each other and want to interact. Each month brought close to 30 members together. Next, we were fortunate once again to receive the Knox Foundation Grant which has been a Godsend to us over the years. Our next success was our involvement with five Rotaries in staging a Heel to Toe Walkathon on the beach at Hilton Head Island. Over $28,000 was raised to help eradicate polio from our planet. Lastly was our Banquet in December. Sixty-nine members, friends and supporters attended and all enjoyed good food, a good speaker and most of all the camaraderie we all shared. One goal I failed to achieve was my pledge to increase the membership. I believe we picked up three new members (Raye/Jack Rozek, Joan/Alan Page, Marge/Jim Lampke) fewer than I hoped for. The other was not getting more members to attend our general membership meetings more frequently. If you look at the attendance record in our newsletter you will see the same names over and over again.

          Now for 2011.  Once again, I am planning to keep our Board meetings to every other month whenever possible. I know everyone has a life and cannot give two Saturdays to CEPSA every month. Our Board remains basically the same with the only change, Marty giving up being our recording secretary, and Janet taking over that task. The thirteen Board members worked very well together, and we never lost sight of the fact that the well-being of CEPSA was our overriding concern. Just a side note: anytime any member would like to sit in on a Board meeting you are more than welcome. Just call me and I will give you the time and date. If you have been on the fence about joining the Board, this will give you an insight into what we do and possibly give you the incentive to sign on this coming year. We also accept constructive criticism, either by direct conversation or by mail. All we ask is you sign your name to a letter.


          Once again this year our main fundraising effort will be our Heel to Toe Walkathon. Last year our overwhelming support was fantastic. I hope that we can build upon that and make this year’s even better.


We (Richard) are looking into CEPSA obtaining a Go-Go scooter that can be taken apart and placed in the trunk or back seat of a car. This would be owned by CEPSA and lent out to members to use when traveling on vacation or when you might need it short-term. I will have more information on this when we purchase it.


Once again this year we will be trying to line up a good array of speakers that can keep us informed, teach us a better way of handling our problems, or simply educate us on items available to support our needs.


Now if I might paraphrase Plato:

“CEPSA is what it is because our members are who they are.”


Jim Veccia, President

2011 Executive Board



President: Jim Veccia

Vice-President: Diane Davis

Secretary: Janet DiClaudio

Treasurer: Marty Foxx


Cheryl Brackin

Lorraine Frew

Committee Chairs

Website/ By-Laws Chair: Jim Veccia

Accessibility /New Member Chair: Harvey Varnadoe

Fund-Raising Chair: Richard Graham

Publicity Chair: Cheryl Brackin     

Polio Awareness/ History Chair: Diane Davis

Hospitality Co-Chairs:

                    Adrienne Stallworth

                    Terri Dunnermann

Newsletter Editor: Charlottee Richter  

Directory: Adrienne Stallworth

Care Team Co-Chairs:

      Lavonne Calandra

      Betty Goff

Care Team Leaders

Cheryl Brackin, Diane Davis, Janet DiClaudio, Lorraine Frew,

Richard Graham, Ruth Parham, Jim Veccia  

Thank you to CEPSA’s 2010 corporate    

 sponsors and supporters.

          Please support these sponsors.

Knox Foundation

Rotary International

Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Minuteman Press

Mobility Concepts

Integrity Medical

LoCost Pharmacy

Batteries Plus

Hilton Garden Inn

River’s Edge Retirement Community

Ron Stephens: Quick Lock Center Mini-Storage

Terry Nease: Port City Metal, Inc

Dr. Mark Murphy

Phillip Schaengold

Sachem Building Supply Corp.

Hyatt Regency of Savannah

The Mansion on Forsyth Park

PGA Tour, Inc: Legends of Golf

Auto Shine Car Wash

Sapp’s Wrecker Service

The Exchange Restaurant

Joann Rahn: Joann’s Florist

Whitaker Huntingdon Inn

Candler Hospital: Heart & Lung Building


Member Concerns

Adrienne and Ed Stallworth

Harvey Varnadoe      Cheryl Brackin

Ann Finley      Terri Dunnermann

Betty Goff


The following were kind enough to supply 

us with door prizes for our Banquet:


The Mansion on Forsyth Park

Hyatt Regency of Savannah

The Whitaker Huntingdon Inn

Auto Shine Car Wash

Joann Rahn: Joann’s Florist

The Exchange Restaurant

Barnes and Noble

Trolley Tour Historic District

Richard Warden

Thank you note from Bev Jarvis:


     Thank you for your love and support for me and Gene these past three years of his declining health and his death. All your expressions of love, concern and practical deeds of your time and energies have held me up so many times and in so many ways. In our home we have a framed print that reads “We need to have people who mean something to us, people we can turn to so that being with them is like coming home.” And that is how we both feel about CEPSA. Our group is home.                                  Thank you.   Bev Jarvis  





Lorraine Frew – 10

Harriet Merritt – 14

Jim O’Kelley – 23

Gloria Sullivan –8

Gigi Veccia –5

Penny Smith –10




Sandra Bath –16

Charles Johnson –22

Sharon Underwood –4




Hope you all have a Happy Day!!


 We have all experienced some tough trials this year, death, suffering, illness and unexpected events in 2010.  We have really needed each other and have reached out and up. We know that Hope is our answer and we hang on to our faith.

Let’s look for a better 2011.

Charlotte Richter


                             CEPSA’s Annual Holiday Banquet, December 4, 2010







Gene Jarvis



Our beloved Gene Jarvis died Sunday, December 12, 2010.  Several CEPSA members attended a memorial service Thursday, December 16 at the Lutheran Church of the Ascension to say good-bye.  Beverly, son Paul, and daughter Anne were there along with several family members.  The memorial service was a fitting tribute to this man who shared his beautiful music with the world.  The grand sanctuary was filled with music and songs paying tribute to Gene and his gifts.  Some of us in CEPSA had the privilege of hearing Gene play different instruments and also sing.  He played for us and lead the singing of carols, when the Jarvises hosted CEPSA’s Christmas party in their beautiful music room.  When Beverly served as our president, we had board meetings at their house.  Gene always was the gracious host, making us welcome and comfortable. 


I had the privilege of hearing Gene sing with the choral group I Cantori several years ago.  Even before the concert began, he came over to welcome me and meet my sister and her education colleagues.  When the concert ended, Gene gave me a big hug as I congratulated him on his outstanding performance.  He always was a kind Southern gentleman.  


I will miss his warm smile and greeting of “Hello, Dahlin’,” which he often said as he and Bev came into our meetings.  This man of many gifts always seemed humble to me.  He has been called one of the finest organists in the southeastern United States, but Gene never made one feel inferior in his presence.  I will miss his funny jokes, his marvelous laughter, and his leading the birthday song for members.  His love and devotion for Bev endeared him to me.   


What a beautiful difference one single life made.  Godspeed, Dear Friend. 


Submitted by Cheryl Brackin    




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