Coastal Empire Polio Survivors, Inc



                Roosevelt – The Soldier of Freedom

                        by James MacGregor Burns

               The End of Polio – A Global Effort to End a Disease

               by Siddharth Dube and Sebastiao Salgado (Photographer)


               Handbook on the Late Effects of Poliomyelitis

                          for Physicians and Survivors

               Edited by Frederick Maynard, MD and Joan Headley, MS 

                  Managing Post-Polio, A Guide to Living Well

                                with Post-Polio Syndrome

                             Edited by Lauro S. Halstead, MD

               In the Shadow of Polio - A Personal and Social History

                              by Kathryn Black, 1996

                   The Roosevelt's - An American Saga

                         by Peter Collier, 1994

               The Polio Paradox

                         by Richard L. Bruno, MD 




               Breathing Lessons – The Life and Work of Mark O’ Brien   


             The Last Child – The Global Race to End Polio (DVD)

                                            Director/Producer: Scott Thigpen

                Safe at Home - Narrated by Bob Vila

               Warm Springs - HBO Movie

                 Aquatic Therapy for Polio Survivors

                    by Rothhammer International, Inc. Series II of Wellness in the 90's

                CEPSA General Meeting, 2/26/05 - "Falling" - Taped by Junie Parham