The Lighthouse

                                                         Coastal Empire Polio Survivors Association, Inc.

                                                              Newsletter November/December, 2011

                                                                                                                      Vol. XIV, No. 9

Shining Light on Post-Polio Health                                                                         


The President’s Message…   



As all of you who attended our October General Meeting know, I will not be your President next year. This was not an easy decision and I lost lots of sleep over it. I have really enjoyed the past two years and the challenges that came with them, but my health kept slipping down. I realized with all the input from my family that I needed to slow down and take a step backwards. I don’t really feel that being President caused this decline, but as I have aged, my PPS has increased. Possibly, slowing down both physically and mentally I will slow the PPS process and regain some strength. I still plan to serve on your Board and hopefully help CEPSA in general.


I can’t say enough about the members who served on the Board with me. Our officers, Vice-President, Diane Davis who was a wealth of information for me, Marty Foxx who is the best steward of our money one can imagine and Janet DiClaudio who stepped up to become our recording secretary when the post became vacant and delivered precise minutes of both our Board and General Meetings. You three made me look good!!!


The supporting cast was no less instrumental in my success as President. Co-Founder Lorraine Frew, Publicist: Cheryl Brackin, Care Team Co-Chairs: Lavonne Calandra and Betty Goff, Hospitality Co-Chairs: Terri Dunnermann and Adrienne Stallworth, Mobility Program Chair: Richard Graham, Newsletter Editor: Charlotte Richter, Accessibility Awareness and New Member Chair: Harvey Varnadoe, Officers who doubled up were Diane Davis (History & Polio Awareness), Janet DiClaudio (Correspondence) and Jim Veccia (By-Laws & Website). My many thanks to all of you for your support. 


We do not meet in November, but we have our Annual Holiday Banquet on December 3rd. This event always brings so many members we don’t see very often, and gives us all a chance to learn more about each other. Members share both problems and solutions. We hold the event at the Hilton Garden Inn on the corner of Abercorn and Johnson Streets. Park in the rear as that will be closest to the Banquet room. You will be called by your Care Team Leader and asked if you will be attending, how many in your party, and what meal choice for each. The cost for each person is $18.00 of which CEPSA will pay $8.00 leaving you to pay $10.00 for your meal. The menu is on page 4. If for some reason you have not been contacted and are planning to attend please call either Lavonne at 912-354-2020 or Betty at 912-355-8497.

Correction to last month’s newsletter regarding the members who raised money for our walk, I inadvertently left off Marge and Jim Lampke and Sally and Ed Luck. They both contributed to the event. Thank you.


I have been honored to have served as your President for the past two years and I want to wish Janet a most successful year. Janet is an old hat at being President; she served as President in the years 2004 and 2005, when she led CEPSA to two milestones. One getting us incorporated and second and most important obtaining our non-profit 501(c)3 status. It was a long and tedious process. Good luck Janet.


Jim Veccia, President


General Meeting Minutes, October 22, 2011


Attendance: Dan Shehan, Michael Dunnermann, Terri Dunnermann, Joan Page, Diane Davis, Lavonne Calandra, Janet DiClaudio, Cheryl Brackin, Deno Caloudas, Carlos Clas, Wanda Clas Santiago, Harvey Varnadoe, Jim Veccia, Gigi Veccia, Marty Foxx, Richard Warden, Charlotte Richter, Marie McManus, Penny Smith, Marge Lampke, Jim Lampke, Esther Grace Simmons, Della Lucina Simmons, Patrina Johnson, Sissy Morel, and Betty Goff.


President Jim Veccia called the meeting to order at 10:45 am.  He welcomed Yasman Flewellen, Project Manager for Freedom by Design, and two other students from the Savannah College of Art and Design.


Co-Founder Cheryl Brackin led the Pledge of Allegiance.




            Yasman Flewellen, Project Manager of Freedom by Design introduced two of her team members and gave a brief overview of their project.  They are majoring in Architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design and working with Wayne Dawson, Executive Director of the Fair Housing Authority, to make a subdivision in Pooler, GA handicap accessible.  They will also be doing the construction.  A brief question and answer period followed.

Business Meeting


President Jim Veccia called the meeting to order at 11:20 am.



Old Business

New Business



                                              President                             Janet DiClaudio

                                              Vice President                     Michael Dunnermann

                                              Secretary                             Michael Dunnermann

                                              Treasurer                             Marty Foxx


There were no nominations from the floor.

             The slate of officers was approved as presented.  They will begin to serve on January 1, 2012.  Diane then announced the committee chairs for the New Year.  They are:  Jim Veccia, By-Laws and Website; Cheryl Brackin, Publicity; Diane Davis, Polio Awareness and History; Harvey Varnedoe, New Member and Accessibility Awareness; Terri Dunnermann, Hospitality; Richard Graham, Mobility Project; Lavonne Calandra and Betty Goff, Care Team; Carlos and Wanda Clas, Newsletter Editors, Penny Smith, Librarian, Charlotte Richter, Photographer; and, Janet DiClaudio, Correspondence.


Respectfully submitted.  Janet DiClaudio, Secretary


CEPSA’s next regular monthly meeting is on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. in the Candler Hospital  Heart & Lung Building, second floor, conference room.


Banquet Menu Selection


Garden Salad

Iceberg Lettuce with Cucumbers, Tomatoes

and Carrots. Served with Ranch Dressing.



Plated Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken served with Rice Pilaf

and Green Beans.


Plated Roasted Tilapia

Roasted Tilapia served with Tomato Caper Relish, Rice Pilaf, and Vegetable.


Plated Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna served with

Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables.



Chef’s Choice of Assorted Pies



Above is the Menu for our Annual Banquet. You will be receiving a call from your Care Team Leader the beginning of November. Your Leader will be asking if you will be attending the Banquet (Dec. 3rd), number attending and what your preference for your entrée will be. It is important that they receive an answer. If they leave a message please return their call. We need to have this information so the Hilton Gardens can order the correct amount of each entrée and know the number attending. Also, there will be no assigned seating, so if you are coming with several and are planning on sitting together, seating will be open to choice. Those wishing to sit together with family or specific friends should arrive early.

Holiday Banquet

If you have recently decided to attend (after telling your Team Leader you would not be attending), call Lavonne (912-354-2020) to make reservations. Payments by check would be greatly appreciated. If you have committed to attend but do not come, you will be responsible for the whole $18.00 (not the $10.00 you would be paying) that CEPSA will have to pay for you. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

CEPSA dues of $15.00 are due in January. If attending the Banquet you might want to add it to your Banquet check. Otherwise, you can pay at the January meeting or mail it to Marty Foxx

23 East 61st St. Savannah, GA 31405




Deno Caloudas –1

Charlotte Richter –4

Ann Chance –11

Pixie Winters –12

Delores Manor –21

Judy Frick –23

Hilda Fields –25

Beverly Polin –25

Velma Underwood –26



Diane Falgiani –2

Sally Luck –15

Betty Goff –22

Diane Davis –27






Alice Stinnett

Delores McCall

Beverly Jarvis

Hattie Evensen

Lorraine Frew

Eunice Newcomer

Dot Parkhurst

Lavonne Calandra

Betty Goff

Harriett and Dale Merritt


CEPSA would like to offer our condolences to Harvey and Skeet Varnadoe

on the death of their niece and Richard Hall on the death of his aunt.                                                                                 

            THANK YOU

     All the members of CEPSA would like to thank the officers and board members for all the hours and hard work these past years of serving.  This organization is serving so many of our members with power chairs, scooters, braces, lifts, and other medical equipment. This would not have been possible without the funds that have been raised and the time and effort of our officers.  We are also thankful for the generous donation from our members!

   Each of us has faced new challenges this year, several members are now in rehabilitation from falls, others are struggling with fatigue and muscle weakness, and others are facing the need for walking assistance. Oh, that is when we have to struggle with PRIDE and it begins to hurt.

   We need each other and we need to keep right on sharing and giving!

       Charlotte Richter, newsletter editor.                    


    I hope everyone will enjoy the Christmas Holidays with family and friends. I know many of us serve meals to the needy and homeless, ring Salvation Army Bells, give gifts for children, and give donations to organizations in our communities.  Reaching out to others makes us feel great!  That’s the giving spirit!


The Coastal Empire Polio Survivors Association is a non-profit corporation which is tax exempt under IRS code 501c(3). We have no paid employees, only volunteers dedicated to helping all polio survivors.
Your financial support is appreciated at any level suggested below:
 * CEPSA Member - $15.00 annual voluntary donation
 * CEPSA Supporter - $25.00    $50.00    $100.00    $300.00
 * CEPSA Memorial or Honor Gift -   any amount

 * CEPSA Sponsor –   any amount
Your contributions are tax deductible and will be acknowledged appropriately.
Please complete this form and mail it along with your check to: CEPSA, Marty Foxx, 23 East 61st Street, Savannah, GA 31405.

 Name  __________________________________________________

 Address   ________________________________________________

 City  ___________________   State_____________ Zip ___________

 Phone  _______________________  E-mail _________________________________


Are you a relative or friend of a CEPSA member, if so _________________________________

                                                                                                            Name of member

 Thank you for your support and encouragement.