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                                                                                     Newsletter October, 2011

                                                                                                                   Vol. XIV, No. 8

              Shining Light on Post-Polio Health                                                                 



The President’s Message…   

On Friday night before our walk I watched all the weather reports that predicted rain and strong winds for Saturday. Saturday I arrived at the beach at 7:30 a.m. and the sky looked ominous with very strong winds. By the time our walk started the strong winds had blown the rain clouds away and although still windy we had a good walk along the beach. Some walked the whole way 4.5 miles each way for a total of 9 miles. I did a total of 2 miles on my scooter. Most of our members did more than I did. After the walk we made our way over to the “Beach Market” and sat at all the tables and had lunch while 50 or 60 door prizes were raffled off. Although the food was not nearly as good as last year, we all ate the pizza and hotdogs and fruit that was offered. Almost all stayed around for several hours just to enjoy the time together.

The members and family that participated in the polio walk were: Eileen Boyle and her daughter Sarah, Cheryl Brackin, Ann Chance and her daughter Ashley, Carlos and Wanda Clas, Terri and Michael Dunnermann, Hattie Eversen and Robert,  Marty Foxx and her daughter Shannon, Richard and Linda Graham and their daughters Crystal and Cindy and their families. Marge and Jim Lampke, Sally and Ed Luck, Charlotte and Larry Richter, Dan Shehan and nephew Jimmy, Penny and Ross Smith, Jim and Gigi Veccia, and Richard Warden.


Those members who raised money for the event were: Sandra Bath, Karen Bostian, Eileen Boyle, Cheryl Brackin, Lavonne Calandra, Ann Chance, Carlos Clas, Diane Davis, Janet DiClaudio, Terri Dunnermann, Linda Epperson, Marty Foxx, Judy Frick, Betty Goff, Richard Graham, Marge Lampke, Sally Luck, Marie McManus, Hugh Munn, Edie Porter, Charlotte Richter, Dan Shehan, Penny Smith, Adrienne Stallworth, Jim Veccia, Richard Warden and Pixi Winters.


If I left anyone off either list above, please forgive me, but let me know and I will correct any mistakes in our next newsletter.


You will be receiving or have already been called to fill a position on the Board. Please consider becoming a Board member. CEPSA’s Board is mostly made up of members who have served for many years and are not getting any younger. We must get some of our younger and newer members to be more involved. Please give it some serious consideration. If you feel you cannot serve, please join one of our many committees. All committee Chairpersons can use all the help they can get. They made the commitment to serve, why not make their job easier by offering to help them.

Jim Veccia, President


General Meeting Minutes

September 24th


President Jim Veccia welcomed Marie McManus and her daughter Jennifer Dupin and Ruth Parham and her son Wakil Carter.  He also welcomed Deno Caloudas, a polio survivor who was 6 months old and lived in Houston, TX when he contracted polio.

Founder Cheryl Brackin led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The inspiration was given by Adrienne Stallworth, who told a story about being able to do things when we tell ourselves we can do them.


Jim Veccia called the business meeting to order at 10:40 am.


The minutes of the June 25, 2011 meeting were approved as written.


Marty Foxx gave the Treasurer’s Report which was approved as given.

Care Team Leaders Cheryl Brackin, Janet DiClaudio, Wanda Clas, and Jim Veccia gave their reports.  They identified several members who were having problems at the time.

Old Business:


Heel-to-Toe.  Jim Veccia asked members to turn in any money they had with them and reminded them that they still have two weeks to raise funds.  He stated that there are rooms still available and that he will be at our table at 9:00 am for Registration.  He suggested calling him if you need

New Business:



              Jim Veccia talked about how to know when you need a brace.  We have had three members fall and break both bones in their lower leg.  Several members shared their personal experiences with the group.  Three of them said that it was unexpected and all of a sudden.

He read some suggestions regarding fall prevention from Dr. Holly Wise.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm.


Respectively submitted,


Janet DiClaudio, Secretary


Attendance: Carlos Clas, Wanda Clas, Marie McManus, Jennifer Dupin, Archie Ivey, Dan Shehan, Ross Smith, Penny Smith, Gigi Veccia, Jim Veccia, Ruth Parham, Wakil Carter, Harvey Varnadoe,  Charlotte Richter, Larry Richter, Edward Stallworth, Adrienne Stallworth, Janet DiClaudio, Sandra Bath, Ann Chance, Sissy Morel, Marty Foxx and Deno Caloudas.





Billy Ray Washington –3

Eileen Boyle –5

Dan Shehan –6

Hattie Evensen –7

Harvey Varnadoe –15

Beverly Jarvis –23

Adrienne Stallworth –31



Deno Caloudas-1

Charlotte Richter –4       

Ann Chance –11         

Pixie Winters –12

Delores Manor –21

Judy Frick –23                          

Beverly Polin –25      

Hilda Fields –25

Velma Underwood –26

Members Concerns


Lorraine Frew             Delores McCall

Beverly Jarvis              Lavonne Calandra  

Eileen Boyle                Terri Dunnermann         

Hariett and Dale Merritt

Eunice and Tom Newcomer




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Support your local chapters and a big hug to a breast cancer survivor

will spread the love and caring to many others.


Check out a new internet site for medical and practical information,


CEPSA now has two Go-Go scooters to lend out at no charge. The members who have taken them on vacation tell us how much more enjoyable their vacations was. It enabled them to go sightseeing and travel without wearing themselves out. It can be broken down into several parts easily with the heaviest part weighing only 25 pounds. The scooter will fit easily into a car trunk. We have used them on an airplane and also on a tour bus.  If you feel you would like to take one with you on a vacation or a trip, just call either Jim Veccia 843-837-1230 or Richard Graham 912-728-3393. They will supply you with the instruction on borrowing one. Make reservations early.


Vitamin B6, Post-Polio Syndrome and Pain

By Diane Davis

I ran across an old CEPSA newsletter that included an article from The New York Polio Connection, where a case study was done with a 61-year-old man who contracted polio at the age of 22 while in military service in Newport, RI. Recovery was almost complete after a 10-month hospitalization and six-month convalescence, except for some weakness in his right leg. The subject began experiencing pain in 1964, in right knee and a diagnosis was made that the pain was of psychosomatic origin. (This struck me… polio survivors are still being told by some medical professionals today that what we are experiencing is all in our head.) In the early to mid-1980’s it was noted that the subject’s leg was getting weaker and he complained that it was harder to get up a flight of stairs. (Does this sound familiar?) In 1985 pain in his right knee returned when swimming. However, by this time the subject had knowledge of the existence of Post-Polio Syndrome and discontinued swimming, which helped the pain but he gained 20 pounds. The right leg progressively became weaker and the subject noticed he was developing weakness in the left leg, but not at the same extent. By 1992, pain in both knees was waking him up during sleep. On September 20, 1993 subject complained of aching pain in left elbow and right shoulder, with tingling in arms. A recommendation was made for daily supplementation of 100mg of Vitamin B6. Within six days all muscular pain had disappeared. April 18, 1994, subject discontinued Vitamin B6 and pain returned on April 29, 1994. On May 3, 1994 subject complained of tingling in hands when gripping an automobile steering wheel, as well as aches and pains in both knees, hips, thighs and shoulder. May 12, 1994 the subject resumed a daily supplement of 100mg of Vitamin B6. By May 31, 1994 he reported all pain had disappeared again. New York Polio Connection, January 1999

Does this sound too good to be true? I think so too, however, I thought it is worth trying. I started taking Vitamin B6 - 100mg September 27, 2011 to help with pain but I experienced an unexpected bonus almost immediately. I slept so much better that night. I usually can’t go back to sleep when I wake up at night, however, I not only went right back to sleep; I slept deep enough to dream, which is rare for me. Before B6, this broken unrestful sleep along with over extending myself mentally or physically, contributed to bouts with extreme mental, physical and muscle exhaustion, which are my three main Post-Polio symptoms. I did some research on the health benefits of Vitamin B6 and discovered that the food sources of Vitamin B6 is in whole grains, cereals, green beans, walnuts and wheat germs, fish, bananas, cauliflower, cabbage, soybeans, carrots, and spinach. Most of these foods are in the diet change I spoke about in the September newsletter that are helping me to no longer have migraines, as long as I stick to my diet and don’t over extend myself. I know now that migraines and brain fatigue were my first Post-Polio symptoms in1996. How is Vitamin B6 and B6 food sources connected to helping me sleep, reducing brain fatigue and controlling pain?

The Brain and B6 - Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) is a vital nutrient that is responsible for the proper function of sixty enzymes within our bodies and contributes in the manufacturing of serotonin, which is a chemical within our brain. B6 is important for maintaining healthy brain function, the formation of red blood cells and plays a major part in the production of hemoglobin and cells within our immune system. Vitamin B6 is involved in the process of breaking down protein, carbohydrates and processing it to be turned into energy for our daily activities and also helps in regulating estrogen and progesterone.

The Deficiency Symptoms of Vitamin B6: Fatigue, weakness, reduction in walking coordination, anemia, irritability, depression and mental confusion, insomnia, pasting appetite, dry skin, hair loss, cracks around lips, and swelling in mouth and tongue,.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin B6 - Clinical studies have shown that Vitamin B6 is beneficial in treating: coenzyme activities, immune system, metabolism, premenstrual syndrome, hormone control, cardiac diseases, nervous system, anemia, kidney disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, influenza, attention deficit disorder, autism, clinical depression and skin conditions, such as eczema, acne, dandruff, psoriasis and even melanoma, which I was surprised to hear.

The Absorption of B6 - Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble nutrient, which means your body absorbs what it needs and the rest is expelled from the body. Vitamin B6 along with B12 is the most recommended of the B complex vitamins.

*Ask your doctor if Vitamin B6 is something that may help you and how many milligrams you should take.


   The start of our October 8, 2011 Heel to Toe for Polio walkathon


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